Our Farm

Ty Tanglwyst has been farmed by the Lougher family for the last four generations. We are a traditional Welsh family dairy farm, with a herd of pedigree Holstein cows.

The farm comprises of 25 acres of ancient oak woodland which is under a conservation management scheme. The remaining 125 acres is lush green pastureland. This grassland is largely divided by ancient hedgerows to create a patchwork of paddocks, which are grazed by our cows and young calves.

We milk our cows three times a day, at 7.30 am, 4pm and Midnight (365 days a year). The cows are cared for by the three generations of the Lougher family who work and live on the farm.

The farms location being just a couple of miles from the South Wales coast means we benefit from the maritime influence of the gulf stream.  We get plenty of rainfall and mild weather conditions which is great for growing lots of fresh grass.  The farm has very productive soils that we look after and conserve.  The soil type is best described as a medium loam.  As well as our own land we also rent land from other neighbouring farms to grow additional forage for feeding our cows.  We grow grass and clover in combination and forage maize is also grown as a rotational break crop around the farm.  Typically 50 acres per year is dedicated to growing forage maize. 

The business employs a good number of local people with a variety of rolls on the farm.  These can vary from milking the cows, to bottling the milk and delivering the milk to local customers.  Ty Tanglwyst hosts a large number of student placements each year.  The majority are students interested in careers in both agriculture and veterinary science.  Throughout the year we have many farm visits from local schools and community groups.  The busiest day of the year is our annual Farm Open Day.  This gives many of our customers and local people an opportunity to come and meet the cows and see exactly how we run our family farm.  Please get in touch with us if you are interested in a work experience placement, a community group or school visit. 

Conservation and enhancing the environment is a very important to us.  Over the years the farm has been involved in a wide variety of environmental schemes and has worked with many partner organisations including the RSPB and more recently the Glamorgan Bird Group.