Our Holstein Cows

Ty Tanglwyst has been farmed by the Lougher family for many generations. We have a herd of pedigree Holstein cows.

The farm comprises of 25 acres of ancient oak woodland which is under a conservation management scheme. The remaining 125 acres is lush green pastureland. This grassland is largely divided by ancient hedgerows to create a patchwork of paddocks, which are grazed by our cows and young calves.

All our black and white pedigree cows have been born on the farm and the herd is made up of a relatively small number of cow families. All our cows have individual pedigree names following on from their parents. We take great pride in knowing every individual animal having worked with them from the day they were born.

During the year we often take one of our cows to visit local schools to give milking demonstrations to the children. The pupils are always amazed to see where fresh milk really comes from.

In the summer we take a selection of our best cows to local agricultural shows where we have been very successful in recent years.

  • High Health status herd. (Health monitoring data enclosed)
  • Negative for IBR, LEPTO & BVD. Low risk Johnes.
  • Closed herd for 25 years.
  • Pedigree Herd for 40 years.
  • Grazed by day housed by night (April – Oct)
  • Cubicle Housed
  • Annual Average Yield per cow: 11,150 litres.
  • Top Production herd in the 2019 Glamorgan Herds Competition.
  • Class Winners in the 2019 & 2020 Holstein South Wales Herds Competition.
  • Class Winners in the 2018 NMR All Wales Herd Competition. Highest average life-time daily yield in Wales (NMR recorded Herds).
  • Visitors welcome once Covid is over!

Tanglwyst Holsteins

R & M Lougher & Sons

Bridgend, South Wales